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RealPlayer signs up for Amazon Fire TV

April 3, 2014

By Nik Roseveare

RealNetworks has confirmed that RealPlayer Cloud, its integrated video player and cloud service app, is one of the first apps available on Amazon Fire TV. With the addition of Fire TV, the Amazon and RealPlayer Cloud communities now have an all-new way to watch their video collections on their big screens from the comfort of their living room.

RealPlayer Cloud will be integrated with Fire TV at its launch. Because Fire TV was built upon an Android operating system, the development of the RealPlayer Cloud app was a more fluid and much faster process than what is normal for a new platform.

“Our strategy is to integrate RealPlayer Cloud technology into more devices, like Amazon Fire TV, that are changing the way people experience entertainment,” said Rob Glaser, interim CEO and founder of RealNetworks. “We are offering the easiest way to watch personal video collections on a television set, and Amazon is making this technology accessible to even more people. We are thrilled to be a part of this highly anticipated product début.”

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