Advanced Television

upc cablecom approaching full digitisation

April 11, 2014

upc_cablecomOn June 3rd, upc cablecom will be updating analogue television for the last time in German-speaking Switzerland and in parts of French-speaking Switzerland and at the same time it will be extending its free digital channel offering. In 2015 upc cablecom is stopping analogue services altogether. Every cable connection now offers more than 65 digital channels, 36 of which are in guaranteed HD quality, and free 2 Mbit/s Internet. upc cablecom is drawing attention to the upcoming switch-over by means of a widespread information campaign and is offering customers comprehensive support.

upc cablecom pioneered the introduction of digital television in Switzerland in 1999. Since then, due to the many advantages (such as sound and picture quality, variety of channels, recording options, electronic TV guide, interactive TV) and the high number of flat-screen TVs in households in Switzerland, it has become widespread throughout Switzerland. These developments have given many Swiss cable network providers the impetus to move on from the parallel provision of analogue TV services. Now upc cablecom is poised to take the final steps towards full digitalisation.

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