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Only 34% of online ads as ‘good as TV’

May 2, 2014

Findings from a survey conducted by digital video advertising platform Vindico reveal that only 34 per cent of digital video ads are rated as ‘high quality’ by Vindico’s Adtricity, which measures and rates placements based on a variety of metrics including: viewability, player size, location on page and traffic sources. Analysis of the data concludes the digital video industry will need to focus on a combination of quality, viewability and consistent measurement in order to complement marketing’s biggest giant – television.

“Brands and advertisers are increasingly looking to digital video as a means of connecting with the right consumer and telling their message in unique and interesting ways,” said Matt Timothy, president of Vindico. “To accomplish this, the industry must accept the growing importance of measuring quality, as well as understand the unique challenges of viewability and adopt consistent measurement across the board. 2013 was the year this started to happen.”

Key insights include:

  • Quality counts and marketers will pay for placements: With millions invested in the creative, marketers want to understand how their video ad is treated across digital publishing partners. 2013 marks the first year digital video can define quality, providing quantifiable insights on viewability, content, execution, traffic and impact on viewership.
  • Placement matters… significantly: Major media sites consistently perform best in overall quality, mimicking their TV counterparts with nearly 80 percent of impressions quantified as “viewable.” Internet brands also offer high quality content and placement across their owned and operated arenas, however, these publishers usually offer extended reach through long tail properties. This inventory mix could be the cause of driving down overall viewable impressions to only 37 per cent on Internet brands.
  • Viewability, the must-have metric: 56 per cent of all digital video ads never have the opportunity to be seen. However, eight out of every 10 major media impressions are viewable. This year, marketers will adopt viewability as the must-have metric when evaluating any other performance attributes. If the video ad can’t be seen, there is no reason to invest more into the space.
  • Consistent measurement is needed now more than ever before: There’s more to quality than just viewability. The complexity of digital video ad campaigns is growing every year and there is a stronger need for agencies and advertisers to understand what’s happening at both the macro and micro levels of digital campaigns.

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