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More DTT cuts in Spain

May 21, 2014

From David Del in Valle in Madrid

Following the closure of 9 nationwide DTT channels in Spain, the Administration is set to remove one multiplex (with up to four channels) in Catalonia, north east of Spain.

The spokesman for the Catalonian government, Francesc Homs, has revealed plans to reduce the regional DTT offer in Catalonia by eliminating one of the two regional multiplexes operated by pubcaster TV station TV3.

Catalonia is the only region in Spain with two regional multiplexes and a third one for local TV channels. With the elimination of the second multiplex the HD transmissions of TV3 will be destined to close down as well as TV3’s plans to reach other Spanish regions with its transmissions on the other channels.

The first regional DTT multiplex includes TV3, Esports 3 (sports), 3/24 (news) and a fourth channel shared by 33 and Super 3 (Children programming).

The regional government of Catalonia has accused the central Administration of “unilateralism” and urged it to stop its plans to reduce even more the DTT offer in Spain.

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