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egta guidelines for audiovisual measurement

May 28, 2014

egta, the association of television and radio sales houses, has published guidelines for the future of audiovisual audience measurement

The evolution of audience measurement tools – and as a result, of planning and trading currencies – is one of the keys to the television advertising industry’s success. Numerous initiatives are being taken by industry partners all over the world and egta believes it is important not only to contribute to the debate, but more importantly, to allow broadcasters and their sales house to drive change and lay the foundations for any future solution.

Over the last few months, egta has worked on a necessary framework for the evolution of audiovisual audience measurement in the television industry. The guidelines are the result of working group meetings, communications with members as well as discussions with industry partners.

These recommendations were approved by egta’s Board and are to be considered as a reference framework to help the industry – be it broadcasters, JICs, measurement companies or other actors involved – to develop and implement a most effective audiovisual measurement system that includes content on all existing screens and measures all eyeballs.

All audiovisual content viewing should be measured regardless of when, where and on which device (ATAWAD) this viewing is taking place. Therefore, in a nutshell, egta recommends:

– A viewer-centric approach that includes any viewer’s audiovisual contact across any screen in the same database rather than silos tailored to capture individual screens separately;

– A new measurement set up using the reliable TAM as a basis (i.e. that continues to reflect the existing television currency; providing notions of duration and not only reach) while integrating video census data;

– A hybrid product: a single currency based on more than one measurement;

– The harmonisation of advertising metadata of all video content as well as the monitoring of the new measurement by TAM organisations and auditing by a third party to insure validity of data and full transparency;

– A system that allows for the possibility to break down the data between devices and to show how multi-screen video campaigns can help drive traffic from one medium to another;

– The possibility of having different trading and planning currencies if that facilitates appropriate measurements for different purposes.

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