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TiVo launches cross media measurement

February 26, 2013

tivoTiVo Research and Analytics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TiVo, has announced the launch of TRA Cross Media Measurement, which enables advertisers, agencies and television networks to measure household-level exposure across TV and online advertising campaigns and content for more than 100,000 households – the industry’s largest single-source, naturally occurring data set of its kind by a significantly wide margin. As part of this, TRA matches cross-media exposure data with consumer purchase data, helping advertisers optimise their media mix and measure ROI across TV and online.

Mark Lieberman, CEO of TRA, said, “We understand the challenge that advertisers face as they continually scrutinise media plans and determine how best to allocate ad buys across TV and online. Ultimately, the success of their approach is contingent on several factors including access to accurate and actionable data. The ability to understand whether a household is exposed to an advertiser’s campaigns, both on TV and online, and correlate that exposure to purchasing behaviour, all using very large data sets to ensure better accuracy, is invaluable to the process of optimizing and allocating media campaigns. TRA Cross Media Measurement delivers this data at a size and scale that is not available from anyone else in the industry and can help our clients obtain unique insights about consumer decisions to drive improved ROI.”

TRA Cross Media Highlights:
Sample Size: 100,000+ single-source cross media households — largest sample of naturally occurring data for measurement of TV and digital correlated to purchasing behaviour
TV Data: More than 500,000 TiVo households for TV ad exposure
Purchase Data: Blind third-party match to Consumer Packaged Goods purchase to 60 million households across 20 grocery retail chains, 115 million households automotive purchase records
Online Data (display and video): 70 million US households’ digital ad exposure, blind third-party match of online exposure data at household level
Privacy: TRA Cross Media Measurement honors industry-standard requirements for online privacy. No personally identifiable information (including personal online surfing data) is collected. Users can opt-out at any time using AdChoices process and tools.

Experian Marketing Services, a global provider of integrated consumer insight, targeting and interactive marketing, serves as the trusted third party that helps TRA match and aggregate anonymous viewers at the household level.

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