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SS/L wins Hispasat order

July 1, 2014

By Chris Forrester

Madrid-based Hispasat is ordering its 1F satellite from Space Systems/Loral (SS/L). It is the 3rd Hispasat craft to be built by SS/L. The new satellite will be a replacement craft for Hispasat 1D, and add capacity from Hispasat’s 30 degrees West ‘hot’ spot.

Hispasat 1F will expand the Group’s transatlantic capacity in Europe-America and America-Europe connectivity. Additional Ka-band capacity with European coverage will furthermore be incorporated, in order to enable the operator to continue expanding its broadband service offer in the region.

Hispasat 1F is expected to have a useful life of 15 years. The satellite will be built on the SSL 1300 satellite platform, with 11.5 kW power and a multi-mission payload distributed across 48 Ku-band transponders, plus 6 Ka-band and a C-band beam over Brazil.

No launch provider, or launch date, has been announced.

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