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Falcon-9 lofts 6 Orbcomm satellites

July 16, 2014

By Chris Forrester

SpaceX’s giant Falcon-9 rocket successfully lifted six Orbcomm communications into low Earth orbit on July 14th. Orbcomm said that all six satellites were working well and sending out signals.

The launch brings to an end some months of headache and launch delay anxieties caused by a handful of issues affecting the Falcon rocket (and weather delays) at Cape Canaveral. With the Orbcomm satellites now off the launch pad the gate can re-open for quite a long list of communications satellites to move up the queue.

This launch was the third Falcon-9 this year, and SpaceX says it plans on getting six more launches mounted this year. Priority will be given to a two satellites for AsiaSat of Hong Kong.

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