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NETV mobile app beta launch

July 21, 2014

NETV Network has developed a mobile TV app which combines the two effective channels for reaching and engaging with audiences; video and mobile. Showcasing a wide range of mainstream and specialist channels, the beta Network NETV App went live on July 18th and will enable audiences to have access to a TV viewing experience whilst on the go.

Broadcasters, consumer brands, media and marketing organisations that want to ‘go mobile’ can also have access to the white label version of the NETV’s App which delivers an ‘in-house’ Live Mobile TV and Video on Demand capability and includes a range of interactive advertising tools to drive revenue.

Uniquely the technology enables TV to be streamed over a normal 2G/3G mobile phone network without the need for a 4G or wireless network. The App is already compatible with iPad and iPhones, Mac OS, Windows mobile, Android, desktop, smart TVs and Nokia operating systems.

For viewers, the interactive interface offers simple navigation and a host of useful features which NETV say will continue to be updated and integrated to further enhance the user experience. Access to broadcast on the NETV Network is free and open to almost all channel owners, brands and media owners who can choose to offer their channels free or as a premium subscription service.

Channels currently available include a combination of terrestrial, Freeview, satellite and IPTV channels including independent broadcasters, international networks, regional TV and several leading consumer brands.

Jotham Danquah, founder of NETV said: “We are really pleased to launch the NETV Mobile TV app in the UK and to make what we know will be a completely game changing mobile TV technology, available to broadcasters and content owners in the UK. The benefits for the viewers are immeasurable and will change the way they view TV for ever. It has been a long process over several years developing the technology in Africa and in a number of other territories across the world where we focused on addressing the issue of unacceptable buffering and poor quality pixelated images that resulted from inadequate internet connection via mobile devices.”

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