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TVE do Bahía chooses VSN’s technology

August 20, 2014

For more than a year, TVE do Babía looked for a solution that would perform a migration from its old broadcast tape-based master to a modern system formed by an automate broadcasting server, that could receive contents directly from Final Cut Pro editors which they had already implemented. TVE do Bahía needed the platform to be robust and agile, something that convinced them to choose a full redundant system with servers and automation in mirror, that would include an online MAM to connect the 8 editors with shared storage they had and to directly publish the contents to the broadcasting servers.

“Among the different options in the market, we chose VSN because it offered a complete solution to all our needs, for its costs-benefit relation and also because it presented the best option for integrating the different systems. This was an important factor in an investment like this, but our intention was to choose a high quality system, and reliable. In this case, we were able to have both, thanks to VSN”, says the technical head of the channel, Daniel Moyano.

The system, formed by 2 2IN/4OUT VSNMAX servers and 8TB of broadcasting-oriented storage, is controlled by VSNMULTICOM REC ingest system, that controls 2 IN channels, the router and VTRs, from the 2 remote control positions where the live contests ingesting process is made.

The broadcasting is managed in redundant mode with VSNMULTICOM PLAY, which controls Ch1 to broadcast and Ch2 as a preview, while VSNMULTICOM NEWS A/B controls Ch3 and Ch4 for news broadcasting from the studio as A/B news channels. For the graphical aspect, VSN CG is the system used to insert hours, logo and promotional layers for upcoming contents.

However, the project faced an additional challenge: to allow Final Cut Pro editors that had replaced the old linear systems to publish content directly to the main server and the backup server, without having to make copies on tapes. To meet this requirement, VSN implemented a MAM VSNSHARER with 8 VSNSHARER Terminal client licenses (one for each editor) and a 42TB VSN Storage Server, integrated with the VSN Spider platform, which manages, on one hand, the transfer of contents ingested by the 2Ch server to the central storage for publishers to edit them and, on the other hand, the transfer of finished contents from the central storage to the broadcast servers.

“The project was a great technological challenge for them because, being a public channel, it is complex to get resources to invest in equipment each year, and what they were looking for should be in service with reliability and safety over the next 5 to 10 years. Therefore, the decision went through an acute assessment process in which several participating brands participated, but VSN obtained the best results in the price-performance ratio and ease of use-reliability”, said Mario Diaz, sales manager for VSN Latin America.

Roberto Calmon, commercial manager of the brand Video Systems, VSN’s dealer for Brazil, emphasizes the complexity of the selection system and the rigorous analysis it went through. “We did demonstrations at the station, and they traveled to NABShow two consecutive years, met with multiple vendors, analyzed the various tools presented to users in the channel and in my opinion they chose VSN for four key concepts for TVE do Bahia: ease of use, on site local support guaranteed in case of failure, the robustness of the full redundant system configuration with no single point of failure and a price within the budget they had available”.

Finally, the engineer Paulo Amaral stated that “the work of the Spanish company fully meet the expectations; the system is very easy to use, the operators had no trouble adapting to a much more technological program than the one they were used to, the post-sale support is fast and efficient, the VSN team has a profound know-how that was of vital importance to the proper development of the work. The experience of working with VSN was excellent. I totally recommend its PAM/MAM/Archive system. We are very pleased with the results. “

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