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Disc-2-Digital UV service from EzyFlix

September 11, 2014

Australian OTT movie retailer Access Digital Entertainment’s EzyFlix video on demand and UltraViolet service has become the first retailer outside the US to offer Disc-2-Digital linked to UltraViolet, following in the footsteps of US retail giants Walmart and Best Buy.

Unlike the first-generation Disc-2-Digital services in the US, Australians don’t physically have to take their DVD and Blu-ray discs into a ‘brick-and-mortar’ store in order to purchase UltraViolet copies. Rather they can purchase them online using EzyFlix software for Windows and Mac. Instead of copying the movie from the disc, it simply adds a copy to a users UltraViolet online movie locker – after running checks to ensure that it is a legitimate copy of the disc, purchased in Australia or New Zealand.

Some 1,000 titles are available at launch, which is expected to increase in the coming months as additional movie studios are signed up. For A$2 (€1.42) users can obtain a standard-definition digital copy of their DVDs or a high-definition copy of their Blu-rays. For A$5 they can obtain a high-definition digital copy of their DVDs.

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