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Squid Demos HEVC Solutions at IBC

September 16, 2014

Realtime H.265 Encode at Half the Bit-Rate of H.264

International Broadcasting Convention, Amsterdam (Sept. 11, 2014): Squid Systems announced demonstrations of industry-leading real-time H.265 HEVC encoding at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Hall 5, Stand C23 at RAI Amsterdam.

“Video content is growing faster than worldwide internet bandwidth. As we move forward to HD and 4K UHD resolutions, and more consumers demand the convenience of anytime / anywhere streaming content, the bandwidth needed to carry consumer video will quickly outstrip available internet capacity,” said Squid Systems V.P of Products and Marketing, Dr. Renga Sundararajan. “Squid is addressing this issue by providing HEVC technology that cuts video bitrates in half, when compared to the H.264 technology in use today” he stated.

Squid HEVC Demonstrations at IBC: Squid offers encoder software and hardware design IP for H.265 HEVC

encoding and decoding. At IBC Squid is demonstrating real-time encoding on Intel® Xeon® -based servers, at the highest levels of quality and compression.

The Squid demonstrations at IBC will include the company’s new multi-stream encoding capability. Now with the Squid HEVC encoder users can choose the highest quality encoding level, or a high-density encoder which provides broadcast quality real-time encoding of two 1080p streams concurrently on an Intel Xeon server.

Demonstrations include a variety of video clips which show the superior results achieved with Squid H.265 HEVC real-time encoders. The Squid real-time encoder generally provides bit rate reductions in the area of 45-55%, at equivalent PSNR (peak signal-to-noise ratio, measured in dB), when compared to popular H.264 encoders configured for non-real-time single-pass operation with maximum encode quality.

Interested parties are invited to contact Squid to arrange an appointment to see the demo:

About the Squid HEVC Encoder: The Squid HEVC encoder uses a scalable architecture that supports a range of capabilities, including resolutions and frame rates ranging from 720p30 to

720p60 and 1080p30 in real-time, and up to 4Kp120 in non-real-time

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