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VeEX expands CaTV product line

September 23, 2014

VeEX, a global leader in Telecom and CATV test solutions, has announced three new CaTV product offerings, to be showcased at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2014.


VeEX’s VeSion is a Cloud-Based, One System Platform, representing the next step in innovation for Network Monitoring. VeSion integrates RF monitoring systems (Return and Forward), advanced DOCSIS Monitoring, DOCSIS Burst Demodulation, Sweep, Ethernet, MPEG, and Workflow and Asset management system, all under one umbrella. VeSion’s One System concept reduces network troubleshooting and problem resolution time significantly.

The VeSion system is accessible anytime, anywhere, using a common web browser or mobile apps. A user can review uploaded test results, system alarms, live traces, and be able to perform on demand tests as required. VeSion offers the following key capabilities, all under one umbrella:

• 24×7 Return and Forward Path Monitoring
• Advanced Upstream Burst Demodulation and QAM analysis
• FCC Proof of Performance and MPEG analysis
• Business Class Ethernet Service Level Agreement (SLA) validation
• Workforce and Asset Management, dispatch and data enrichment
• Flexible distributed architecture for easy expansion, increased reliability, and reduced system down time

CX380X Preventative Network Monitoring Probe

Introducing the CX380X Advanced Test Probe for Return and Forward Path monitoring, featuring a true Spectrum Analyzer, QAM Health, and Burst QAM Demodulator capabilities. As part of VeEX’s VeSion system, the CX380X goes beyond the bread and butter 24/7 monitoring of Return Path nodes’ noise levels against well-established alarm thresholds. CX380X provides a series of expert measurements for detection of rogue cable modems, enabling identification of potential network-affecting issues. The probe can also be used as a standalone on any existing systems as an overlay. Ultimately, the real-time location of a rogue Cable Modem is identified, so that a field technician can be dispatched to deal with the problem. Such proactive, preventative maintenance practices maximize the effectiveness of the costly truck roll, yielding OPEX savings.

24×8 DOCSIS Cable Modem Option

A 24×8 Cable Modem emulation option is now available for CX Field meters, enabling verification and provisioning of services based on 24×8 bonded DOCSIS Channels. 24×8 channel bonding represents an evolutionary enhancement for DOCSIS 3.0 deployment, supporting maximum downstream data burst rates near 1 Gigabit per second and doubling current upstream rates.

The 24×8 Cable Modem is now available in the new CX380S-D3 field analyzer, designed for the Super Tech with a wide range of installation and maintenance responsibilities. The CX380S-D3 is a multiple toolkit in one, featuring a true Spectrum Analyzer, Burst QAM Demodulator, MPEG Explorer, comprehensive SLM, Gigabit Ethernet tester with SLA validation, and either an 8×4 or 24×8 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem. Coupled with the VeTest engine, techs can certify SLA with their customers to ensure proper throughput.

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