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DOGTV expands into Europe

October 15, 2014

dogTVDOGTV, the television network created just for dogs, has announced further international expansion, offering its programming to consumers throughout Germany, the UK, Ireland and France. Providers in these countries join the existing 15 platforms across the globe, including the US and Asia, where DOGTV is already available to consumers and their canine companions.

Next month, DOGTV will begin its expansion into Western Europe through a partnership with Deutsche Telecom Germany. Following its launch in Germany, DOGTV will be made available in the UK, Ireland and France soon after.

“DOGTV is proud to broaden our network offering, bringing stimulating and relaxing content into the homes of beloved pets around the world,” said Gilad Neumann, CEO of DOGTV. “With this expansion, we’re offering millions of families the opportunity to keep their dogs happy and mentally active, ridding them of the depression and boredom they might otherwise experience while their pet parents are out.”

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