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TiVo now on Cogeco Cable

October 31, 2014

Advanced television service TiVo has added to its roster of broadband cable operator clients, with the experience now available in Canada from Cogeco Cable. In Ontario markets where it operates, Cogeco Cable Canada will now offer Cogeco TiVo Service, the ultimate personalised home entertainment experience.

“Cogeco TiVo Service will be a game-changer in the cable market in Canada” commented Louise St-Pierre, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cogeco Cable Canada. “We have worked closely with TiVo to develop a platform that is customised for Canadian viewers, and we are proud to bring it to market today. We developed Cogeco TiVo Service in direct response to what our customers told us is important to them – great content, convenience, availability and ease of use. Cogeco TiVo Service delivers that, and more.”

“I believe that TiVo is the most dynamic TV experience available in Canada, putting viewers closer to the content they want,” added St-Pierre. “For Cogeco TiVo Service customers, there will always be something of interest to watch, whether it’s a show they love or a newly discovered recommendation – and, the beauty is they will be able to find it quickly and easily.”

Cogeco TiVo Service also extends out of home, with a Cogeco TV app, available on supported iOS devices, customers can search, browse and schedule recordings from anywhere. Additionally, users can download DVR recordings to their iOS mobile devices running the Cogeco TV app to watch from anywhere, without the need for a WiFi access. An app for Android is expected to follow in April 2015.

“TiVo has been at the forefront of shaping the next generation television experience since the company was founded,” noted Tom Elam, Vice President & General Manager, Service Provider Business at TiVo. “We are excited to partner with Cogeco to bring our innovative TiVo service to Canadians’ living rooms, allowing a new audience to experience the best in home entertainment.”

The Cogeco TiVo Service will be available starting November 3, 2014 for Ontario residents in Cogeco Cable Canada markets. The service will be available in Quebec Cogeco Cable Canada markets in spring 2015 after the platform interface, language and recommendations algorithm is customised for a Quebec audience.


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