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UPnP Forum invites use of UPnP+ certification

November 18, 2014

UPnP Forum, the global standards group responsible for the seamless connectivity of home devices, has launched its UPnP+ Certification level for improved device and open source implementations in new paradigms, including mobile connected computing, Cloud-based service delivery, Smartphone content sharing and the Internet of Things (IoT). With Gartner predicting the number of devices connected by the IoT to grow to 26 billion by 2020, this new certification comes at a time when the need for total interconnectivity and limitless functionality are driving the need for always-on devices.

UPnP+ Certification recognizes enhanced UPnP capabilities for existing UPnP device specifications such as security, Cloud access and energy management. The new UPnP+ Certification program uses new and existing UPnP device control protocols (DCPs) and UPnP architecture enhancements to provide UPnP protocols focused on delivering new technical capabilities for improved functionality and increased customer satisfaction.

Wouter van der Beek, Vice President of UPnP Forum and Compliance Committee Chair, said: “With the launch of our new UPnP+ Certification program, we are taking leaps to address tomorrow’s connectivity requirements, removing boundaries and enabling full device and network compatibility. We encourage organisations to obtain UPnP+ Certification in order to future-proof their devices and provide their customers with interoperable, reliable and secure platforms.”

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