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Triax: The Right Connections

January 13, 2015

Increasing use of Wi-Fi technology, 4G/LTE mobile broadband and growing use of different wireless devices can create problems for TV signal reception. The risk of interference can be minimized by changing existing cabling to a triple-shielded Class A+ cable and a matching connector.

TRIAX has developed a new state-of-the-art push-on IEC connector, which requires no crimp or compression tools. The new slim-fit design is perfect for wall mounting flat screen TV’s where mounting space is restricted. The IEC connector fits on all RG6 coax cable types, but optimal performance is obtained by using class A+ cables.

Class A+ is the newest standard within cabling and provides best in class high screening technology. In countries like Germany we see an increasing demand for higher quality shielded cables to minimise external interference,” says Claus Omann, CEO of TRIAX. “People often focus on the TV set only and forget, that   poor transmission means poor TV signals and pictures.  KOKA 110 A+ cable and KOSWI-KOSWI 4 IEC Connector helps to ensure crystal clear TV signals on your installations.”

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