NBCU: ‘Maintain investment-friendly regulatory framework’

Kevin-MacLellanKevin MacLellan, Chairman of NBCUniversal International, has warned UK and European regulators against making widespread changes to copyright legislation, suggesting that innovation has flourished in the current regulatory framework. He nevertheless stressed the need for regulators and policy-makers to focus on the importance of Intellectual Property for the media industry.

Delivering a keynote address at the ‘Let’s Go Connected’ conference in London, MacLellan told delegates that new content services were attracting investment and creating jobs. Furthermore, dramatic advances in content delivery had led to the emergence of key players in the sector.

“The evolution of our industry is not something we’re afraid of, but something we positively embrace,” he averred. “There is so much innovation under way across the European industry that it is critically important that policy makers and regulators maintain an environment in which the current unprecedented levels of investment can continue to grow. At the top of the policy-makers’ agenda should be strong protection for IP and a regulatory framework that stimulates content creation, drives innovation, and helps to create jobs.”

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