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Intraway recognised with the M2M Evolution IoT Excellence Award

February 3, 2015

Intraway Corporation, a provider of software solutions for operations and business support (OSS/BSS) for telecommunications operators and service providers, announces that its IoT Platform for Health – Medical Check-up System solution has been granted one of the 2014 M2M Evolution IoT Excellence Awards, presented by TMC and Crossfire Media.

This prize distinguishes innovative products that support the availability of information that is deducted, inferred, or directly collected by sensors or systems and that help to improve decision-making for both businesses and individuals. 

Intraway’s IoT Platform for Health – Medical Check-up System solution allows public health stations with medical equipment to be deployed quickly and easily. These stations would be available for people to check their vital signs, such as blood pressure, heart rate, among others. It offers the possibility of storing and managing the information in the cloud, so that statistical data can be accessed remotely, which is useful for developing and implementing public health policies. The test results can be accessed online by patients and health professionals. At the same time, the public health system will receive anonymous data (without personal identifying information), which allows authorities to analyse and understand the population’s health status.

“We are pleased to have been recognized by one of the industry’s leading international publications with this award. This milestone encourages us to continue creating and developing innovative solutions for service providers, governments, and other entities, that help to make a difference in people’s lives,” stated Leandro Rzezak, Intraway’s CEO.

”It is a pleasure to recognized Intraway’s IoT Platform for Health – Medical Check-up System solution with one of the M2M Evolution IoT Excellence Awards for its excellence in innovation,” said Carl Ford, CEO & Community Developer for Crossfire Media. “As a leader in this rapidly evolving industry, I hope to see Intraway’s future success.”

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