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Deluxe, BT Media & Broadcast strategic alliance

March 31, 2015

Deluxe Entertainment Services Group has revealed details of a contract with BT Media & Broadcast that will extend the reach of MediaCloud, Deluxe’s software orientated broadcast platform, utilising BT’s global network connectivity. The alliance is focused on delivering managed channel origination and distribution globally.

Transforming the broadcasting chain from content acquisition through to play-out and delivery, this new alliance aims to maximise agility, cost effectiveness and resilience, offering broadcasters increased flexibility free of compromise and with the capability to deliver to any platform, anywhere, anytime and in any format.

“This is a very significant step in the revolution taking place in broadcast technologies,” commented BT M&B VP Mark Wilson-Dunn. “The combination of our media grade global networks, and the Deluxe MediaCloud platform, together with the professionals behind it, is a winning proposition,” he adds.

Deluxe MediaCloud MD, Maurizio Cimelli says: “The MediaCloud platform is designed to transform broadcasting from content acquisition through to play-out and delivery. Its agility, cost effectiveness and resilience is designed to offer broadcasters far more flexibility without compromising quality. We are proud to be partnering with BT to extend the reach of the platform, and their enthusiasm in supporting this innovative approach to broadcasting has been unparalleled”

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