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Kaltura HTML5 web app for Fire TV

April 21, 2015

Kaltura, the video technology platform, has launched a new HTML5 web app for Amazon Fire TV. The app allows Kaltura customers to seamlessly publish video content from within Kaltura directly to Amazon Fire TV, improving the distribution process and streamlining the multi-screen experience.

Amazon recently released the Web App Starter Kit for Fire TV, which is intended to help web developers get up to speed quickly by creating a simple media-oriented app. Building on this model, Kaltura’s app brings the Kaltura HTLM5 player to the big screen, enabling publishers to create turnkey apps for the Fire TV platform.

In addition to Amazon Fire TV, Kaltura’s Player Toolkit supports Chromecast, native mobile applications as well as desktop and web browsers. The player also runs natively within Twitter feeds and Facebook news feeds.

“Our goal is to bring Kaltura’s OTT-grade player to as many devices and platforms as possible and TV screens are no exception,” said Ron Yekutiel, Chairman and CEO of Kaltura. “Publishers need the flexibility to monetize their content anywhere, anytime and Kaltura is focused on easing the path to making their content available on platforms like Amazon Fire TV and Facebook that offer many more potential eye-balls.”

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