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Teletrax integrates Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings

May 12, 2015

Teletrax, a Civolution company and provider of real time TV analytics and TV synchronised ads in the US, has launched its new TV Audience Sync product, with capabilities to reach specific audience segments powered by Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings. Teletrax’s TV Audience Sync is a cross-screen marketing solution that enables advertisers to reach TV audiences with TV-synced advertisements delivered to second screens across mobile, desktop and social. Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings provide granular insight into the age and gender of audiences engaging with TV through Twitter for every programme aired on over 250 TV networks. TV Audience Sync couples the richness of Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings with real-time execution on the Teletrax TV-synced ads platform.

“Using a second screen while watching TV programmes has become commonplace, opening important opportunities for advertisers to engage with key audience segments on the second screen in real-time,” explained Alex Terpstra, CEO, Civolution. “The data around TV audience conversations on Twitter provided by Nielsen enables advertisers to use TV Audience Sync to reach audiences with tailored messages on their second screens and engage more effectively, increasing return on investment for each digital ad impression. Utilising demographic analysis of Twitter TV conversations combined with our automated ad platform enables brands to programmatically reach TV viewers on the second screen.”

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