38,500 TV channels by 2024

Satellite broadcaster SES, in a presentation at its recent Investor Day in London, said the world’s total number of TV channels will grow 47 per cent to about 38,500 channels by 2024.

Using core data from Northern Sky Research, SES says that despite North America having the largest number of channels (including local services) it will only see growth of some 2 per cent taking its 2024 total to around 15,500 DTH channels. 

Western Europe will see about 4.5 per cent growth taking its total to about 3650 channels.

Central & Latin America will enjoy a slightly larger growth rate, of some 5.1 per cent to about 3800 channels.

The Asia Pacific region would grow 5.9 per cent to around 7500 channels by 2024.

Central and Eastern Europe would grow by 6 per cent to about 5150 channels.

The largest growth rate – albeit from a lower base – would take place in Africa and the Middle East, where there would be a 6.1 per cent growth taking the wider region’s total to some 2850 channels.

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