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Eyeye TV live broadcasting app

June 29, 2015

900 Seconds Oy, a Finnish media technology developer, has launched a live video broadcasting service for consumers: Eyeye TV. The service is currently available for iOS users. The Android app will be launched in July.

Jari Ovaskainen, the chairman of the company, sees huge opportunities in live video broadcasting: “The social media, as we know it today, is about the past: what did I do, see, like or think. That is now changing. Live video broadcasting is turning users’ attention to the present moment. This momentum drives millions of users to live broadcasting services.”

Every Eyeye TV broadcast is geo-tagged and their locations are visualised on a map. Users can browse live broadcasts based on their location, popularity or description. Users can also follow their favorite broadcasters and share the best videos through the leading social media networks.

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