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Inverto adds new products to Unicable2 LNB and Multiswitch product range

July 2, 2015

Inverto, developer and marketer of broadcast reception and streaming products and leader in the dCSS product category marketed under its Unicable2 trademark, has announced new fully programmable LNB and Multiswitch products enabling installations with up to 32 satellite receivers connected over a single coax cable. Inverto’s Unicable2 products are fully programmable allowing Installers and Operators to use either EN50494 or EN50607 protocols to provide access to unlimited number of transponders (also known as ‘Dynamic’ mode) or alterna­tively they can be configured to deliver a fixed mapping of transponder frequencies to IF frequencies (also known as ‘Static’ mode), allowing an unlimited number of receivers to be connected and providing them access to up to 32 transponders (or more, de­pending on the bandwidth of the desired transponders) based on digital channel stacking technology.

Digital channel stacking technology uses supper fast wideband analog-to-digital converters and applies digital signal processing to select desired transponder channels, up convert them and stack them as IF signals over the Unicable output ports. The Unicable2 LNB and Multiswitch product range offers a full flexibility of channel selection and supports many more set-top-boxes over existing cabling hence significantly reducing cost and simplify installations at subscribers homes. The Static mode allows an unlimited number of receivers to be con­nected to the LNB or the Multiswitch thus making multi-room distribution and MDU installations substantially cheaper and simpler than ever before.

Operating characteristics such as dynamic or static mode, output power level, channel bandwidth, UB numbers, center frequencies and dish alignment mode are all programmable and can be configured and updated in the field using Inverto’s programming device. The products can be powered over a connected STB or by an AC/DC adapter over a power inserter in case the STB is unable to provide the necessary power. The Unicable2 LNB is backward compatible, thus supporting all Unicable1 (EN50494-based) installations and integrates seamlessly into EN50494-only or mixed EN50494/EN50607 installations of compatible STBs, Next Generation PVRs and HGWs.

“Apart from supporting the widest range of dCSS products on the market, one of Inverto’s major advantages is that contrary to many other suppliers of dCSS product who solely rely on the IC vendor to provide the software, Inverto’s R&D team has full control over the development of the software and hardware of its Unicable2 LNB and Multiswitch products” said Gil Laifer, Sr. Director or Products. “This greatly benefits all our DTH Operator customers, allowing them a fast development cycle and full flexibility to introduce advanced protocols and features that are unique and customized to their respective deployment scenarios”, he further explained.

“We are supplying commercial dCSS LNB and Multiswitch products to a growing number of tier-1 DTH Operators across the world as well as to leading distribution partners. We provide our customers with a full solution rather than mere products and this includes a wide range of fully programmable LNBs, single/multiple satellite Multiswitches, a Programming device with an intuitive configuration and diagnostic software tools, and offer the engineering support and advice operators require as they launch their multi-tuner home gateways or PVRs and migrate their installations to dCSS ODUs” said Yannick Laperche, Chief Operating Office of Inverto. ”Recently at Angacom 2015 in Cologne, we have demonstrated our leading position exclusively presenting a fully functional live demonstration of our Unicable2 solutions combined with SAT>IP and HbbTV over mobile devices – two other technologies Inverto leads in the market” Yannick added.

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