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VeEX unveils 600G testing for its UX400 platform

July 9, 2015

VeEX, a global player in telecom, CATV, fibre and broadband access test solutions, has announced the ability to test up to 600G throughput for its UX400 100G test solution. The platform is optimised for 100G Ethernet and OTU4 test applications within the data centers, aggregation points, core network as well as 400G development and evaluation labs. The UX400 platform also supports the latest QSFP28 pluggable optics form factor.

“The UX400 Test Platform lives up to its Universal Expert name by supporting all industry available 100G pluggable form factor optical modules, including CFP, CFP2, CFP4, QSFP28, as well as QSFP+ for 40G. This unprecedented flexibility enables traffic aggregation testing up to 600 Gbps in a single test set,” said Ildefonso Polo, Director of Product Marketing for VeEX.

Up to six 100G modules can be installed in a single UX400 portable or rack-mount platform and can be operated concurrently providing up to 600G traffic generation capacity. This cumulative bandwidth enables testing of next generation aggregation points or provides a shared platform resource for individual 100G multi-user applications. Fast evolving data centers implementing a variety of 100G MSA transceiver form factors will benefit from the UX400 interface flexibility, eliminating the need for cumbersome third-party adapters. The new comprehensive UX400-100G line of test modules support 100GE, 40GE, OTU4, OTU3, STL256.4, STM-256 and OC-768 testing, including complete multi-level mapping/multiplexing of internally-generated SDH, SONET, PDH and DSn test payloads. They can also be combined with other available UX400 test modules, which include Optical Spectrum Analysis.

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