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Singapore Institute of Technical Education selects SoftCast

August 12, 2015

Ideal Systems has announced that the Institute of Technical Education in Singapore (ITE) has selected and deployed its SoftCast Technology Platform as a key technology underpinning its new full time Higher Nitec in Broadcast & Media Technology course.

The new course has just commenced with forty students for a start, at the ITE College Central in Singapore. These initial students are expected to graduate in March 2017. The course is taught in a purpose-built training room that can accommodate all students at their own designated workstations that replicate the current technologies in use at modern television broadcast facilities. The syllabus utilises a number of modules from the SoftCast system which help teach ITE students a broad spectrum of up-to-the-minute broadcast technology skills including, Media Ingest, Channel Scheduling and Traffic, Media Asset Management (MAM), managing metadata, media asset archiving, asset editing, TV Channel Master Control, Channel Automation, Playlist management and Playout with graphics, logo’s and CGs. The broadcast training system, built on site by Ideal Systems is a full end-to-end broadcast grade built with software-based systems and the standard hardware elements from a broadcast facility such as DA’s, IRD’s, video routers, waveform monitors.

We choose the SoftCast Technology system because it is an effective way to train our students in a wide variety of the skills they will need to work in a modern broadcast facility. There is a lot of pressure on TV channel technicians at today’s broadcasters with many channels operating On-Air 24/7, and many have live sports and breaking news events, so it’s great to be able to train new technicians in an off-air but fully simulated environment, which has the pressure and fear of making On-Air mistakes removed. Our new training room at ITE is, in fact, like a giant aircraft flight simulator. However, in our case it can fit forty pilots within the cockpit,” said Ms Neng Rashidah Hussain, Section Head, Broadcast & Media Technology, School of Electronics & Info-Comm Technology, ITE College Central. 

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