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Newtec breaks efficiency record

August 25, 2015

Newtec, a specialist in manufacturing equipment and technologies for satellite communications, has announced that, together with Intelsat, the global provider of satellite services, it has achieved a world first for the amount of throughput in a single transponder.

The demonstration was conducted at Intelsat’s Fuchsstadt teleport in Germany. Intelsat’s and Newtec’s engineers used the Newtec MDM6000 Satellite Modem with Newtec’s all digital built-in Bandwidth Cancellation (BWC) technology to set the record – which put 20 Mbps into 2 MHz.

This result is the latest in a line of successes for Newtec, which has previously broken several speed barriers and has now demonstrated its spectral efficiency. Maximising bits per second per Hz has always been a priority for Newtec and is becoming increasingly important as satellite operators and service providers look to launch new services while also delivering higher performance and improved economics for their customers.

“This is an important achievement, as it shows our ability to fully utilise the capabilities of next generation satellites using Newtec technology that is available today. With a spectral efficiency of more than 10 bps/Hz, one can, for example, handle a bidirectional E1 in just 400 kHz,” said Dave Suffys, Product Manager for IP Modems at Newtec. “What it demonstrates is our unparalleled efficiency at any rate, whether on a low-speed voice or data connection or for medium-speed backhaul links, all the way up to ultra high-speed trunks. A gain of at least 30 per cent in space capacity can be achieved for any bidirectional link.”

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