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SES Liquid VOD, Lucid OVP

September 9, 2015

SES Platform Services is presenting a live showcase of Liquid VOD, a new solution for VoD services via satellite, at this year’s IBC.

Liquid VOD is an way to distribute video content over satellite, delivering a real VoD user experience. The IBC live showcase demonstrates how satellite distribution can provide an instantaneous and enriched video experience on demand. This solution bridges the lack of broadband Internet connectivity in underserved areas and delivers content to an ever-increasing number of users without incremental distribution cost. It is designed to deliver premium content based on available encryption systems and supports all major business models (SVoD, TVoD).

“If there is one shortfall of satellite distribution in general, it is the current limitation to near-video-on-demand offerings based on fixed schedules for operators and platforms. SES is always looking to innovate and, by developing Liquid VOD, we are very confident this obstacle will be overcome soon. There are still many areas in the world without area-wide broadband supply, and in these regions Liquid VOD would be a perfect solution for operators to launch VoD services to exploit the growing demand for non-linear content,” said Wilfried Urner, CEO of SES Platform Services.

SES Platform Services has also announced its new product, Lucid online video platform (OVP). The solution comprises all the building blocks a needed to launch an online video offering, from setting up an Internet-TV channel to on-demand services.

“For many broadcasters, broadcasting linear TV programmes is just not enough anymore. People watch more and more online and mobile content. With ready-to-start workflows and ‘out-of-the-box’ features, Lucid OVP ensures fast time-to-market and enables our customers to reach viewers and customers anywhere and on any device. We have been a leading provider of backend services, and now we can also deliver our customers everything for the front-end to create a great user experience,” said Daniel Kiessling, Senior Manager Solution Management SES Platform Services.

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