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Virgin’s 200 MBPs future for UK broadband

September 29, 2015

Seeking to differentiate itself from competing operators such as BT and Sky, UK quad-play operator Virgin Media has announced a new standard in ultrafast connectivity with the launch of Vivid 200Mbps broadband speed. Vivid will be used to brand all ultrafast broadband speeds and services of 100Mbps and above from Virgin Media.

This week, the Company will start contacting its 4.6 million broadband customers to explain how they can opt-in to an upgrade from 1 October 2015. Customers do not need to take any further action right now. This is the third time the company has boosted customer broadband speeds in five years, quadrupling the fastest speeds available from 50Mbps in 2010 to Vivid 200Mbps in 2015. With Vivid 200Mbps, customers can download an entire two hour HD movie in three minutes two seconds and a music album in just three seconds.

Virgin Media is rewarding its existing broadband customers by offering them the chance to upgrade from existing speeds of (up to) 50Mbps, 100Mbps and 152Mbps to more powerful speeds of 70Mbps, Vivid 150Mbps and Vivid 200Mbps. By choosing to upgrade, Virgin Media customers on even the lowest available package will receive broadband speeds at the top end of the range available from providers operating on the BT network.

Virgin Media claims that thanks to its DOCSIS 3 technology, it will make available and deploy the superior speeds in record time, with 90 per cent of customers being able to upgrade by the end of 2015.

Virgin Media is investing heavily in its ultrafast network to meet consumer demand. Data usage on the Virgin Media network is currently growing at a rate of 60 per cent every year and if the trend continues data usage will be 10,000 per cent higher by 2025. The company has also embarked on a £3 billion programme to connect four million more homes and businesses to ultrafast broadband speeds.

“Our message is simple,” declared Gregor McNeil, Managing Director of Consumer at Virgin Media. “If you want to be certain that you are signing up to true ultrafast broadband speeds of 100Mbps and above, Vivid from Virgin Media is the new standard. The speed of a customer’s broadband connection matters; when you have more you can do more.”

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