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LG slashes OLED TV prices

October 9, 2015

According to LG Electronics, with an expanded family of OLED TVs at aggressive new price points, the company is moving the industry’s most advanced video display technology from an aspirational, early-adopter product to a mainstream category.

Marking a significant milestone for the company that pioneered the revolutionary OLED TV technology, LG is announcing 30 per cent- to 45-per cent price reductions for the new flat EF9500 series and curved EG9600 series 4K Ultra HD OLED TVs. Further taking OLED technology from the realm of premium products to the mass market, LG also is introducing sub-$2,000 prices for Full HD OLED TVs for the first time in the industry.

In less than a year, LG has tripled the number of models in its OLED TV portfolio. LG OLED TVs are now available in 55-, 65-, and 77-inch class sizes, both curved and flat, and 1080p Full HD and 4K Ultra HD resolutions.

“OLED TV is not just a new TV – it’s an entirely new category of television that delivers what experts and consumers alike are hailing as the best picture ever, a clear indication that OLED is here to stay,” said William Cho, President and CEO, LG Electronics USA. “LG is the first and only manufacturer to deliver OLED TV to US consumers, and our vision is to make this revolutionary technology more attainable by more consumers at prices comparable to many LED TV models on the market.”

Through the company’s ambitious approach to being the first to bring large-screen OLED TVs to market, LG has achieved significant manufacturing efficiencies, allowing LG OLED prices to drop rapidly. For example, even with new features and design enhancements, LG’s new 55-inch class Full HD Curved OLED TV now priced at $1,999 is more than 85 per cent lower than the price of LG’s first-generation 55-inch class model, which first sold for $14,999 two years ago.

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