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TV still dominant – even for millennials

October 14, 2015

One of the most common myths we hear in the marketplace is “millennials don’t watch TV” according to the Video Advertising bureau (VAB).

A multiscreen insight report from VAB inspected the video landscape with a specific look at young adults 18-34 and revealed that there is no denying millennials have a strong thirst for premium, multi-screen video content – and for traditional TV.

Highlights of the findings include:

TV remains the dominant video platform across all demographics, even millennials
•    80 per cent of millennial’s video time is spent with TV
•    ‘Live TV’ comprises bulk of viewing

Migration of video viewers from computer to smartphone has accelerated
•    8 per cent less consumers watching video on computer (P18+)
•    16 per cent increase in smartphone video consumption; 45 per cent more time spent (P18+)
•    App/Web usage reached highest level to date, 176 million/
monthly (P2+)

Multimedia device penetration and usage rose to over 61 million (P2+)
•    Time spent with multimedia devices is highest among millennials
•    Hispanics & Asians are exhibiting significant gains

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