Eurofins Digital Testing for MOST Automotive Infotainment Systems

Eurofins Digital Testing (formerly Digital TV Labs and Testronic Labs Belgium) is now the official lab for certifying pay-TV enabled automotive infotainment systems, which use the MOST network to transport CI+ protected content, using Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP).

The MOST Cooperation recently released its latest MOST Stream Transmission Specification, which includes support for the MOST CI+ Interim License Agreement issued by CI Plus LLP. CI+ is a technical specification which provides additional security and features to the proven DVB Common Interface (CI) standard and Conditional Access Module (CAM). Its main benefit is enabling pay-TV operators to deliver high value content (such as HD) to retail receivers in a secure environment. As a result of the work undertaken with Eurofins Digital Testing, any MOST device can now be certified to securely transport CI+ protected content using Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP) – this provides cost-effective CI based Pay TV infotainment networks into their customer’s vehicles.

Andy Hickman, CEO Eurofins Digital Testing Bristol said: “We are pleased to be enabling secure pay-TV on automotive infotainment systems, by extending our CI+ certification to MOST systems.” He added “We worked closely with the MOST and CI Plus LLP organisations to enhance our CI+ Test Tool and test regime to meet the stringent security requirements for CI+ enabled MOST devices and are extremely pleased with the outcome. This represents a new era for Pay TV services in the infotainment market.”

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