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UHD TVs 40% of total TV panel shipments in 2016

November 5, 2015

Manufacturer and consumer demand for ultra-high definition (UHD) televisions remains strong, including 4K TV, wide viewing angle (WCG), high dynamic range (HDR) and other high-definition picture performance improvements.

Despite overall sluggishness in liquid crystal display (LCD) TV sales, year-over-year unit shipments of UHD TV panels are forecast to double in 2015, topping 40 million units. UHD TV is now expected to account for 40 per cent of the total TV panel shipment area in 2016, according to IHS, the global source of critical information and insight.Demand for UHD panels has risen sharply, because they are suited for large screens. Consumers are also recognising that higher pixel density provides a better, more intuitive viewing experience. At the same time, TV panel prices have fallen, after the display supply capacity received a boost from expansion in Gen 8 facility lines at Chinese panel producers.

“The increased supply of LCD TV panels has caused a downturn in panel prices, providing consumers with a cheaper selection of wide-screen TVs and whetting their appetite for even larger TVs with higher resolution,” said Ricky Park, director of large display research for IHS Technology. “The consumer requirement for higher resolution will also grow, as more 4K TV video content becomes available.”Increased demand for UHD TV has led to the narrowing in the price gap. The average selling price for an open-cell 55-inch UHD liquid crystal display  reached $255 in September 2015, which is about 11 per cent higher than a full HD (FHD) display, but sharply lower than 30 per cent pricing gap year ago.”

According to the IHS Display Long-term Demand Forecast Tracker, UHD TV panel demand will reach 67 million units in 2016, up 67 per cent from 2015. In area, it will make up about 40 per cent of the display market.

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