Alliance for IP Media Solutions launches

A group of broadcast and media industry suppliers including Grass Valley, Imagine Communications, Lawo, Snell Advanced Media and Nevion have collaborated to form the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS). This new, independent trade association’s mandate is to bring IP solutions to market that offer complete interoperability, are based on open standards, and integrate seamlessly into media workflow environments to foster industry innovation and efficiency. The group’s efforts will be focused on promoting the adoption, standardisation, development and refinement of open protocols for media over IP, with an initial emphasis on VSF TR-03 and TR-04, SMPTE 2022-6 and AES67.

As broadcasters and other media companies look to use IP workflows to speed and streamline the movement and management of increasingly complex content and adapt their businesses to better compete with other content options such as OTT, open standards are the key to protecting current investments and ensuring long-term interoperability.

Specifically, AIMS will prioritise three key strategies:

  1. Initiatives that facilitate the education and adoption of open standards
  2. Facilitation of activities that accelerate the development of solutions that support these open standards

Nurturing the creation of new standards by supporting standards bodies with participation and testing in real-world environments

“The mission of the Alliance for IP Media Solutions is to endorse open standards and protect the choice that broadcasters and media companies must have when selecting the right solution for their particular needs,” notes Steve Reynolds, CTO, Imagine Communications. Mike Cronk, senior vice president of strategic marketing, Grass Valley, adds, “Our intent is to avoid perpetuating a future where suppliers push their proprietary technologies only to lock media companies into technologies that don’t work well with other systems or are not easily scaled and upgraded.”

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