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at800 launches Twitter postbox

August 20, 2013

at800, the organisation responsible for ensuring viewers can still watch Freeview when new mobile signals go live, has launched the UK’s first postbox for Tweets – so a Tweet can now reach even those who aren’t on Twitter.

People can Tweet a family member or friend using the hashtag #at800postbox.  at800 will print the personalised message onto a traditional postcard and deliver it by post – completely free of charge.  The recipient must live in one of the areas where 4G at 800 MHz will soon be activated.

The at800 postbox is a light-hearted way to remind people where new 4G mobile services at 800 MHz are being activated and to highlight at800’s role in resolving any Freeview disruption this could cause.  It also acknowledges that many people choose not to use social media and some are not online at all.

Simon Beresford-Wylie, chief executive of at800, said: “Twitter users love to share their thoughts; and with our help, they can now Tweet friends and family who aren’t on Twitter.  As well as the personal message, the campaign aims to raise awareness of at800 and our role in helping to resolve Freeview disruption caused by 4G at 800 MHz for the small minority of viewers in the UK who might be affected.”

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