Arianespace ‘wins’ SpaceX battle

There are only two significant players in the satellite launch industry. Arianespace of France, and SpaceX of the US. The other names (ILS/Proton, Sea Launch, United Launch Alliance) are not unimportant, but don’t even get close in terms of satellite launches.

Arianespace, notwithstanding the pre-Christmas spectacular launch and return to Earth of a SpaceX rocket stage, claims that it is very much in the driving seat as far as winning launch business. CEO Stephane Israel briefing journalists said 2015 was a “record year” for the Evry, France business and that 2016 was shaping up to be a similar year. 2015 saw Ariane win 14 launch contracts for geostationary satellites.

Israel says SpaceX had each won 9 new orders, with ILSA/Proton winning just one, and order went to an Atlas-5 rocket of the United Launch Alliance.

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