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Atresmedia adopts Avid Everywhere for HD news production

January 13, 2016

Avid have announced that the Atresmedia Communication Group based in Madrid, Spain, has adopted Avid Everywhere for the news production of its TV channels Antena 3 and LaSexta. Powered by the Avid MediaCentral Platform and implemented by Avid Global Services, Atresmedia’s new HD workflow increases the reliability, flexibility, speed and productivity of the channels’ news production environment.

Atresmedia’s system requirements increased significantly in a very short period of time, when the journalists from LaSexta moved from a rented building into the Antena 3 newsroom to save costs. With twice the number of journalists sharing the same system, the customer’s existing technical architecture was stretched beyond its limit.  Atresmedia chose to implement a complete state-of the art, robust and reliable Avid HD workflow, thus accommodating the move, anticipating future developments and requirements to the workflow, and offering journalists new functionality to increase productivity and improve the quality of news stories and time to air.

The new installation features two identical systems based on Avid solutions. Avid ISIS® | 7500 provide shared storage, while AirSpeed | 5500multichannel video servers enable cost-efficient playback. Content is managed through Interplay | Production, and Interplay | Archive provides production archive management. Media | Director allows quick media ingest while iNEWS is the dynamic center of news content creation and distribution, with iNEWS Command for accurate news automation control. Avid MediaCentral | UX unifies content creation and cataloging for multiple roles. Avid’s proven Media Composer | Software is used for video editing, combined with the Media Composer | NewsCutter Option and Cloud option. The entire installation is underpinned with a complete service support plan and training programme from Avid Global Services.

The newly implemented system also allows for seamless integration with other technology vendors, as well as remote editing and access to indexed search of the current Media Asset Management system.

“It was key that our news solutions should improve productivity for our journalists. We also needed a system that was reliable and future-proof in order to accommodate future challenges and any unexpected needs with a limited additional investment,” said José María Martínez, Atresmedia SVP of Production and CTO “By embracing Avid Everywhere we now have a fully integrated HD news solution that will take us well into the next phase of our development.”

“Atresmedia’s new installation will help their channels to be more competitive and stand out in the increasingly crowded news market, while enabling to consolidate their resources,” said Tom Cordiner, vice president of International Sales at Avid. “By adopting Avid Everywhere, Atresmedia has now a system that can evolve with changing requirements.”

LaSexta is now on-air with the new HD workflow, while the Antena 3 phase is scheduled for completion by the beginning of 2016.

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