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Skills shortage not holding back broadcast IP adoption

January 19, 2016

Research by Futuresource Consulting, on behalf of Nevion, a specialist in transporting media from the camera to the home, shows that while barriers such as cost, perceived immature technology, security issues and interoperability concerns do exist when it comes to the full adoption of IP in broadcasting, lack of skills is not one of them.

The findings follow earlier research conducted by the pair that suggested the use of IP within the broadcast environment was gaining momentum, predicting that broadcasters would be using IP for live production in the next 10 years.

The research is based on a sample comprising VPs of technology and chief engineers from leading broadcasters in eight major countries.

When asked if their organisations had the correct levels of operational and technical knowledge required for a transition to IP in live production, two-thirds of broadcasters said they have the right skills or partially have the right skills.

“Overall the research indicates that the transition to IP is already underway, with the main barrier being the cost of the upgrade. On the flip side, the major driver for the change is the potential cut in OPEX,” says Adam Cox, senior analyst, broadcast and professional video equipment, Futuresource. “But surprisingly, while the lack of knowledge and expertise is an issue for some broadcasters, the majority of those surveyed don’t see these factors as a major barrier.”

Broadcasters in the USA demonstrated higher confidence levels in their in-house skills. Half of US respondents said they had the correct skills in place compared to just 14 per cent indicated by European broadcasters. A further 25 per cent of US respondents said they partially had the right skills, while 43 per cent of their European counterparts said the same thing.

Broadcasters in both regions are turning to training and recruitment to bridge the gaps that do exist. Overall, 52 per cent of respondents are hiring new staff, while 81 per cent are training their existing personnel.

When comparing the US and Europe, 69 per cent of US broadcasters are looking for new hires and 77 per cent are training existing staff, while only 36 per cent of European respondents are hiring with 86 per cent opting for training.

“At Nevion, we’re seeing a definite appetite for the use of IP in live broadcast in the market place, something supported by the research findings,” says Geir Bryn-Jensen, CEO, Nevion. “The confidence of broadcasters in their skills is a very positive factor. Other obstacles, like costs, can be overcome by making the transition to IP incremental and enabling co-existence with existing technology – something Nevion has been promoting heavily.”

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