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Tablet adoption shifts TV viewing habits

November 21, 2011

The trend of viewing “live” and on demand programming on devices such as smartphones and tablets is accelerating – with 76 per cent of 18-44 year olds indicating that they are watching more TV on these devices than a year ago, according to research by QuickPlay Media.

The report, which captured a number of trends showing shifting TV viewing habits, found that 44 per cent of mobile TV viewers also prefer to catch-up with sports, news, and shows like the X-Factor at times that suit them – rather than during the live broadcast. The results come on the back of explosive growth of tablet devices. Gartner estimates worldwide tablet sales to exceed 63 million units sold in 2011, a 261 per cent increase over 2010 which illustrates the dramatic shift around how, when and where consumers are now watching “live” television and VoD content on their mobile devices.

The survey, which questioned respondents across the UK on their mobile TV usage and viewing experience, indicates that the increase in mobile TV consumption is driving a change in viewing habits including:

– The majority of respondents (51 per cent) reported having watched a TV programme or film on a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet.
– Mobile TV watchers preferred to view on demand TV (44 per cent) compared to 28 per cent who preferred to use mobile devices to watch live programming.
– Most consumers watch mobile TV at home, but 39 per cent watch TV on mobile devices while commuting.
– TV episodes are the most frequently viewed type of content with nearly 60 per cent of respondents indicating that they use mobile devices to watch TV episodes of shows like X-Factor or Glee, closely followed by sporting events and news.
– Tablet device users watch mobile TV for far longer time periods than on smartphones – 20 per cent of tablet device users reported having spent more than an hour of uninterrupted time watching a TV programme or a movie.
– Mobile TV users are regular viewers with 33 per cent of respondents reporting they watch at least once per week and 12 per cent viewing almost every day.
– As more consumers watch mobile TV, the demand for higher quality and a wider range of services is on the rise with over 75 per cent of respondents stating they would like their service provider to invest more in their mobile TV services.

“We’re in the midst of a massive transformation of the way consumers watch TV and movies,” said Mark Hyland, VP of sales and marketing for QuickPlay Media.  “The explosive growth of tablets is driving a tremendous demand for service providers to increase the amount of premium mobile content they offer to their subscribers. As a result, we are seeing a growing number of companies turning to managed video service providers such as QuickPlay, as a cost effective way to securely deliver these services and enhance the quality of the video viewing experience.”

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