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ATEME Virtualized TITAN Live & Mux

January 26, 2016

The migration of video processing from a dedicated hardware to software has started, offering numerous benefits to the users: faster development of new features, algorithms and enhancements. It also allows commercial off-the-shelf hardware instead of a dedicated one, enabling further savings on equipment CAPEX by leveraging existing servers as well as blade servers in the data center and simplifying the process of ordering and powering up new services.

The next step consists in applying a data-center mechanisms such as virtualization to realize further CAPEX and more importantly significant OPEX savings through the use of virtual machines, new redundancy schemes and quick and elastic turn-up of services. It also enables new business models that are based on private and public cloud architectures and pay-per-use.

ATEME’s TITAN family is a true virtualized end-to-end software compression solution, from capture through compression to mux and distribution, and is designed for cable, DTH, and OTT. It enables all of these virtualization benefits today, running as a Virtual Machine or a Linux virtual container. By using TITAN, operators can easily migrate to all-IP virtualized environments today and have all the flexibility required for future developments and enhancements.

This software product family notably includes TITAN Mux, which has all the capabilities of the best-in-class hardware mux available today: TS Analysis, PID Remap, merging, full table edition and scrambling. The TITAN Mux also embeds the TITAN SMC (StatMux Controller), responsible for allocating bitrates to the TITAN Live encoder. When coupled to a TITAN Live, the TITAN Mux delivers the best possible Video Quality.

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