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Evolution Digital unveils eVUE-TV

February 8, 2016

Evolution Digital, a provider of integrated IP solutions for the global cable industry, has launched eVUE-TV, an IP video solution that offers thousands of hours of VoD content aggregated with live cable television offerings, all on one platform.

Following Evolution Digital’s acquisition of i-Velozity, the rebranded eVUE-TV provides cable operators a wide selection of IP VOD content including new release movies, leading cable network programmes and shows from premium networks such as HBO and Showtime across all devices in the home, such as televisions, streaming devices, mobile, tablets and PCs.

“Evolution Digital is pioneering technology in the cable industry to fit the needs of the consumer by providing cable operators cost-effective solutions to increase revenue and stabilise retention,” claimed Brent Smith, president and chief technology officer. “With eVUE-TV, cable providers can now combine the most popular Video on Demand titles with their live TV offerings onto one seamless and easy-to-use platform while avoiding costly infrastructure upgrades.”

The eVUE-TV platform provides operators a low cost solution to deploy IP linear and VoD content to customers from Evolution Digital’s central content distribution hub in Chicago or through a distributed platform inside the cable operator’s content delivery network. Pricing options with eVUE-TV do not require an upfront investment.

Additionally, eVUE-TV allows smaller cable operators to focus on generating additional revenue from impulse purchases on both VoD and Pay Per View. The eVUE platform becomes contextually aware of viewing preferences by examining viewers’ viewing habits and, with that information, eVUE curates recommended content for viewers, further driving VOD and PPV purchases.

In the coming weeks, eVUE-TV will launch a new user interface across devices for an enhanced navigation and visual experience.

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