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YouTube unveils standalone iPhone app

September 11, 2012

Google has released a standalone YouTube app for iPhone and iPod touch, with, it says, a slicker design and a more expansive range of features than the version that has been preloaded as part of Apple’s iOS software.

The new features include a channel guide, enabling users to quickly access a list of the YouTube channels that they have subscribed to, and enhanced search tools including autocomplete suggestions. Social features include the ability to share videos to Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

“We’re working on an optimised version of the YouTube app for iPad in the coming months, and stay tuned for more details,” wrote YouTube mobile head Andrey Doronichev in a blog post announcing the new app.

The app’s release comes a day before Apple unveils its iPhone 5 smartphone. That timing is no co-incidence. In early August, developers using a beta version of iOS 6 noticed that the preloaded YouTube app no longer featured.

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