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BBC reveals “most loved” shows

February 15, 2016

A list of the BBC shows that audiences said they loved the most has thrown up some surprising results.

Alongside BBC favourites such as EastEnders, The Great British Bake Off and Strictly Come Dancing, the second most ‘loved’ programme on the BBC iPlayer during the last year was CBBC show The Next Step. The children’s drama charts the lives of a group of young dancers as they make their way through dance school. Daytime series Council House Crackdown, which follows housing inspectors track down tenancy cheats, reclaim homes and give them to people in need, also made the top 12.

Perhaps unsurprisingly two of the most popular dramas of the last year Poldark and War And Peace make the list alongside established audience favourites Sherlock and Doctor Who. Long-running drama Casualty proves it’s still close to audiences’ hearts and the top 12 is completed by Match Of The Day and The Apprentice.

The data has been collected from audience members clicking on the heart button functionality on the BBC iPlayer which was introduced in March 2015.

1. EastEnders
2. The Next Step
3. Match of the Day
4. Doctor Who
5. Strictly Come Dancing
6. Casualty
7. The Great British Bake Off
8. The Apprentice
9. Poldark
10. Sherlock
11. Council House Crackdown
12. War and Peace

Jane Lingham, BBC Director of Brand Strategy says: “It’s no surprise that audiences are telling us they love EastEnders, Doctor Who, Strictly and The Great British Bake Off. But it’s also clear that the Next Step keeps teenagers’ hearts beating, whilst for daytime audiences there is a lot of love for Council House Crackdown. The more we find out about what audiences love the more we can recommend new programmes that they will enjoy.”

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