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TabletTV Freeview for Apple TV UK

February 16, 2016

Following the news on February 1st that broadcast and pay-TV technology provider Motive Television had made TabletTV available on the new Apple TV platform in the US, the firm has now received approval from Apple for its UK App and released TabletTV Freeview for sale and use on the Apple TV platform.

TabletTV Freeview for Apple TV in the UK will enable users who have TabletTV portable or mains tuner antennas to use their TabletTV tuners to watch all available Freeview channels on their main televisions via Apple TV. Most Freeview channels are not otherwise available on the Apple TV platform.

Users of TabletTV Freeview will be able to download the Apple TV version of the App without additional cost, whereas new users will need to buy a TabletTV tuner to use the service.

“The Company continues to deliver on its product suite,” declared Leonard M Fertig, CEO of Motive. “TabletTV Freeview joins the unique family of TabletTV Plus and TabletTV Internet to provide added viewing choices on iPads, main TVs, and iPhones in the US and UK. Motive plans to continue adding to these capabilities and extending the product line to Android devices in the future.”

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