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Spain: Pay-TV reaches over 5.4m subs

March 2, 2016

From David Del Valle in Madrid

The pay-TV market is growing in Spain with 5.43 million subscribers as of the end of the third quarter of the year.

A report from the CNMC reveals that the IPTV platforms (xDSL/FTTH) are now leading the growth with 352,000 new subs, followed by cable operators with 65,000 new customers, with satellite losing 166,000 subscribers.

Telco and TV services represented a total turnover of €7.509 billion in the third quarter, up 2.7 per cent year-on-year. TV services increased by 10.4 per cent to €923.98 million. TV advertising amounted to €338.4 million with Mediaset and Atresmedia taking 87.6 per cent of the ad revenues. On average, Spaniards spent in that period a daily 3 hours and 27 minutes in front of the TV set.

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