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QYOU, Lufthansa in-flight entertainment

April 5, 2016

The QYOU, a curator of Internet video for the TV Everywhere market, has been chosen by aviation technology service provider Lufthansa Systems to supply content for in-flight entertainment systems on select European carriers. The programming partnership, which will debut with a low cost airline this Spring, is the first foray into in-flight entertainment for The QYOU, which has built up a viewer base across linear, VoD TV and mobile subscribers.

Lufthansa Systems’ wireless IFE solutions – BoardConnect and BoardConnect Portable – will enable passengers to stream content to their own tablets or smartphones during a flight with an app, which they can download before the flight.

Norbert Müller, Senior Vice President BoardConnect at Lufthansa Systems comments: “The rise of internet video has transformed people’s viewing preferences enormously, and driven a strong desire for short form, impactful content. Until now this has been a missing ingredient from in-flight entertainment choices on our IFE platform BoardConnect, but by teaming up with The QYOU we can reflect the kind of content that people are watching in their everyday lives.”

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