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Keepixo, Comigo team for OTT Solution

April 26, 2016

ATV @ TV Connect

Keepixo, a provider of software-based head-end solutions for IPTV and OTT, has unveiled a partnership with Comigo to provide an integrated OTT solution that consists of Comigo’s TV platform and Keepixo’s Genova software suite for IPTV/OTT head-ends.

The combined solution represents an end-to-end platform with all the components needed to rapidly deploy an OTT service. It includes Keepixo’s OTT head-end with multi-rate video transcoders as well as Comigo’s TV platform and STBs on the client side.

“By working with Comigo, we are able to combine our high quality video transcoding solutions and Comigo’s advanced TV platform” said Jerome Blanc, COO for Keepixo. “We are proud of this collaboration which brings OTT service providers an end-to-end, easy to deploy OTT platform with an exciting and feature-rich user experience.”

“One of the key challenges that IPTV and OTT service providers face today is launching full multiscreen services with advanced capabilities ahead of the competition,” added Motty Lentzitzky, CEO at Comigo. “By partnering with Keepixo, we are reducing integration complexity and bringing to market an HEVC and MPEG-DASH supported solution, therefore allowing service providers to dramatically speed time-to-market and save significant bandwith costs.”

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