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Roland-Garros app for UHD 360° VR

May 10, 2016

From Paoli-Lebailly Pascale in Paris

Some matches at upcoming French tennis open Roland-Garros will be offered by France Televisions in VR 360° and in Ultra HD quality from a dedicated mobile app. The virtual reality app, RG 360, designed by French company FireKast, is available free of charge on iOS, Android and on Samsung VR headset Samsung Gear. Viewers will be fully immersed with images in 4K for a live or replay streaming.

The 360° videos will also be released on the YouTube and Facebook FranceTV Sport accounts.

Four the fourth year, all the semi-finals and the final matches will be broadcast in 4k on a dedicated event channel operated by TDF and available in Paris area on local DTT, or on satellite for the rest of the country.

Roland-Garros tennis open will take place in Paris from May 16th to June 5th.

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