Advanced Television platform launches

May 25, 2016

Online platform has launched aiming to serve the entertainment industry by offering film, TV and videogames producers searching for co-producers an efficient tool to accomplish their goal. We believe that the yearly increase of the number of national and international co-productions, the new synergies between different sectors in the entertainment industry, and the limitations faced by producers attending trade markets and forums are all facts that speak of the need for a tool like INCOPRODUCTION.

INCOPRODUCTION solves the limitations of physical forums like project quotas, high travel expenses and significant time and money investment by offering a new and more friendly option. INCOPRODUCTION welcomes projects by professional producers in any format and from any country. Without the need of travelling. Quick, easy and free.

A producer searching for a co-producer only has to create and upload the project’s profile with all the info. Once the profile is upload, it gets immediate international visibility and the producer can present the project and pitch it to any potential partner. The platform offers also the option of running a search for co-producing partners only within specific countries. By doing so, the project will be automatically included only in the list of results of a search ran from any potential co-producer in one of those countries.

INCOPRODUCTION offers also the key advantage of allowing the potential co-producer to find and access projects at any time; investing her/his time only on those projects that really interest her/him by filtering the results accordingly to her/his preferences, like format, nationality, projects that had been selected in co-production forums, etc.  At any time and place the producer has access to any of these projects and decide if she/he wants to contact the producer in charge of them.

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